ZTBL’s officials used fake profiles to take Rs 200 Million in loan from the bank


5 people working in the Zarai Taraqiati Bank which is long for (ZTBL) in the area of Lakki Marwat, have stolen over Rs 200 Million through faking loans on other peoples names.

These Peoples names are as followed:

  • Khushdil Khan
  • Binyamin Khan
  • Zari Gul
  • Sajjad Mehmood
  • Mohammad Fayyaz

ZTBL is a loan lending service who help farmers start and run their business e.g land cultivation but people used this thing for their personal wrong use!

The fake farmer profiles under whose names these loans were taken were actually not even farmers but innocent people who’s names and other info like CNIC numbers were phished using fake Benazir Income Tax Support offers and giving them from Rs 5000 to Rs 20000.

But no one can get away with such a big scam like this and they did. The NAB got hold of these people and are currently investigating on this case, the victims have admitted of their wrong deed.

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Sufyan Khan


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