Zong Launched New Packages of Zong Bundles and Services customers.


Zong introduces new service for its customers to subscribe the Zong Bundles and Zong services. After this service, zong customers don’t need to remember old Zong packages codes. Users just remember the new code, you just dial and get all the information about packages and services.

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Than you will chose any package with this amazing service. Sometimes, we subscribe any bundle package and forget its unsubscribe code. After this situation Zong announced new services for users, they are introduce and allow to users to avail the package of user’s own choice.

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Zong customers just simply Dial *310# and users will get the list of packages than you can choose any bundle package of users to own choice. They will show you list packages and services. 

  • Activate Internet SIMs bundle
  • Check Usage Details
  • Activate or Deactivate Zong Promotions/Packages/VAS
  • Recharge Your Account
  • Contact Us
  • Reconnection campaign Check
  • Zong Helpline Details
  • Zong Social Media (Facebook, Twitter & Chat)
  • Check Your Zong Account
  • Check Current Balance & Its Expiry Date
  • Free Resources Information
  • Active Package Plan & Promotions Information
  • Activate MBB bundles directly from MBB child number
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Moreover, users can check free balance check from Zong helpline. Customers can easily subscribe and unsubscribe any packages. According to the Zong if anyone has the problem with this service you can complain at [email protected] This service is not available out of services areas.

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