Zong launch latest 2G, 3G, 4G internet packages at low prices.

Zong is the largest telecom network company in Pakistan. They provide the best services in Pakistan and also offers the best packages to its customers at low rates.

Zong has 26 million subscribers in Pakistan and also has 20% shares in the market. They spread his 4G network in 100 cities in Pakistan. The subscribers of Zong network increasing day by day. They also get the award for best and services provider in Pakistan by Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA).

Zong offers the best internet packages in Pakistan at low rates than other network companies. Zong company launch new packages including, 2G internet package, 3G internet package, 4G internet package for both prepaid and postpaid Zong customers.

Here are the complete details of Prepaid Zong 2G, 3G, and 4G internet packages:

1. Package Name Data Volume Price Validity How to Activate
2. Daily Mini 4MB Rs. 4 1 Day SMS mini to 6464
3. Daily Basic 30MB Rs. 10 1 Day SMS db to 6464
4. Daily Premium 80MB Rs. 20 1 Day SMS dp to 6464
5. Weekly Premium 280MB Rs. 70 7 Days SMS weekly to 6464
6. Monthly Mini 150MB Rs. 50 30 Days SMS m150MB to 6464
7. Monthly Basic 500MB Rs. 150 30 Days SMS m500MB to 6464
8. Monthly Premium – 1GB 1GB Rs. 250 30 Days SMS m1GB to 6464
9. Monthly Premium – 2GB 2GB Rs. 350 30 Days SMS m2GB to 6464
10.     Monthly Premium – 4GB 4GB Rs. 650 30 Days SMS m4GB to 6464
11.     Monthly Premium – 10GB 10GB Rs. 1500 30 Days SMS m10GB to 6464
12.     Monthly Premium – 20GB 20GB Rs. 2500 30 Days SMS m20GB to 6464
13.     Monthly Premium – 30GB 30GB Rs. 3500 30 Days SMS m30GB to 6464

These are the postpaid Zong internet Packages:

Monthly Mini

  • Volume: 150 MB
  • Charges Rs.50
  • For subscription dial *567#

Monthly Basic

  • Volume: 500 MB
  • Charges Rs.150
  • Dial *567#

Monthly Premium

  • Volume 1GB
  • Charges Rs.250
  • Dial *567#

Monthly Premium

  • Charges Rs.350
  • Volume 2 GB
  • Dial *567#

Monthly Premium – 4GB

  • Charges Rs.500
  • Volume 4 GB
  • Dial *567#

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