Zong in Collaboration with WhatsApp launches a new Data bundle for Zong 4G users


Zong recently announced their partnership with WhatsApp to reveal a special bundle for Zong Subscribers.

Zong is giving now unlimited voice and video calling on WhatsApp to their subscribers for only Rs.15+tax.(Fair usage policy applies).package details:

Package details:

  • Bundle Name: Whatsapp Daily
  • Price: Rs. 15
  • Data Limit: 300MB
  • Validity: 1 Day

Zong users can easily subscribe to this WhatsApp bundle by dialing *4#

Zong provides one the most efficient and fastest 4G data network coverage connects the people through WhatsApp voice and video calls.

Zong’s target, as communicated through the brand guarantee of “A New Dream” is to influence the technological edge in 4G LTE to carefully change the way of life of Pakistani individuals. At present, more than 5,000 destinations control more than 200 cities of Pakistan with 4G administrations and this number is expanding step by step, said the announcement.

Zong official statement “By offering this bundle with Zong, WhatsApp is able to make our industry-leading calling service more affordable and convenient in Pakistan, and seamlessly connect more people across the region and the world,” said Mubarik Imam, Partnerships and Growth Director at WhatsApp.

“Now, you can see your child’s face at university or show the grandparents their grandchild’s first steps from wherever you are without having to find a wifi zone”, he added.

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Saad Kakakhel


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