Zong call packages – Hourly call packages, Daily call packages, Weekly call packages, Monthly call packages.


Zong network provides one of the best call services in Pakistan, including hourly call packages, daily call packages, weekly call packages, monthly call packages.

in Pakistan, many telecom companies offer different call packages at the different rate. But Zong network provides best services and call packages to its customers. Zong call packages available for both prepaid and postpaid Zong network customers. There are many call packages you can choose and avail by the easy method.

People can simply dial package code and get the call packages depend on your requirements. They also provide the international call packages at low rates than other companies.

Here are the list of Zong call packages:

Zong Flutter Package

  • 90 free minutes
  • 100 SMS
  • 1 free Out Going Off-Net minute on 3 In Coming Off-Net minutes
  • Charges: Rs. 6/day+tax.

Flutter Package

  • Zong to Zong Rs. 1.6/minute + tax (per minute pulse)
  • Zong to other network Rs. 1.6/minute + tax (per minute pulse)
  • SMS to any network Rs. 0.8/SMS + tax
  • Happy Hour Rs. 5 + tax per hour daily (flexible hours) only for one-hour
  • Zong Friends & Family Rate Rs. 0.35/minute + tax
  • MMS Rs. 3/300KB
  • Mobile Internet Rs. 10/MB

Zong Perfect Package (Dail call package)

  • Bundle price: Rs 12+tax daily
  • 5 MB Mobile Internet
  • 100 FREE MMS
  • 500 FREE SMS
  • Free on net call except 7pm-10pm
  • Dial *717# to subscribe or Send SUB or a blank SMS to 7171 to subscribe
  • send unsub to 7171

Zong 20

  • Charging Pulse 20 Seconds
  • Voice: All networks in Pakistan 55 paisa/20 secs
  • SMS: All networks in Pakistan Rs. 1.30/SMS
  • MMS: All networks in Pakistan Rs. 3/MMS
  • Mobile Internet Rs. 18/MB
  • Unlimited SMS Rs. 2.50/day

Zong Economy Package

  • Call Rate (All networks) Rs 1.6/min
  • SMS (All networks) Rs.1+tax
  • MMS (All networks) Rs. 3.00
  • Mobile Internet Rs. 10/MB
  • Unlimited Mobile Internet Rs. 400/month
  • Unlimited SMS Rs. 3.99/day
  • Happy Hour Rs. 4.99 per hour
  • Friends and Family 5 Numbers
  • ZONG Friends and Family rate 50 Paisas

International Call Package

  • Charging Unit 20 Seconds Without Tax*
  • UK (landline) 45 paisa
  • USA 45 paisa
  • Canada 45 paisa
  • Saudi Arabia Rs. 4.5
  • UAE Rs. 4.5
  • Iran Rs. 4.5
  • Kuwait Rs. 4.5
  • Sri Lanka Rs. 4.5
  • Russia Rs. 4.5



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