YouTube MUSIC has arrived “early access”.Here’s how to sign up.



YouTube has announced a new Music streaming service the  YouTube MUSIC.

This app is not availabe for all users , it is available only if you in the United States, Mexico, Austalia, New Zealand, or South Korea, you might be in luck.

Now with the launch of YouTube music, Google has introduced two options for users which is ad-supported (free) and ad-free ($9.99 monthly). The company plans to introduce another service by the name of YouTube Service which will cost the user $11.99 monthly subscription.The service will give add free access to 3 YouTube services which are Google Play Music, YouTube Videos, YouTube Music and Google play music. As you can see in the image below, the company’s plan for these services.

This is the new app for MUSIC by youtube

Product Manager ,Elias Roman said:

.“To the Google Play Music users out there, nothing will change – you’ll still be able to access and add to all of your purchased music, uploads and playlists in Google Play Music just like always,” 

Here is the link for this new and excellent app of music.Music dot YouTube .Download this app as soon as possible.You can download this on Apple app store or Google play for your Android device.

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Arooj Fatima


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