Youtube is the largest Music streaming website in the world.


Youtube is the largest Music streaming website in the world. Youtube change the game for many music industries in the world.

Many music industries now provide the free music streaming or huge space of music for a small fee. Because mobile phone’s memory does not enough for many kinds of music.

Youtube is now the biggest video streaming website in the world. Youtube also was known as largest internet video hub. Socialbakers is the largest Czech information technology company, they said that YouTube is used by a little less than a billion people to listen to music.

82% of YouTube’s 1B+ users use the service to listen to music. This puts YouTube far ahead of any online music streaming services.

SoundCloud is at the second largest music streaming, they provide free hug space for music. People can store any music on Soundcloud and play anytime. Youtube also offering to everyone, people can monetize their videos on youtube. Pakistani people also monetize their videos on youtube website. People can make money from youtube website through their monetizing videos on youtube.

Youtube have just 175 million users on website, they also started as google’s biggest acquisition in 2006. Youtube now one of the best music streaming website in the world.

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