Youtube Introduces Three New Criteria to Monetize for Content Creators


There are three new ways has announced by YouTube for channels to monetizatize. This is a great effort by YouTube

The increasingly facing problems after careless policy changes from YouTube  can be remove with the help of new monetization .

On YouTube there are new Monetization Features for creators :

Neal Mohan ( YouTube’s CEO ) at VidCon , has announced new features .

  1. $4.99 Channel Membership is one of the three new features . It creators define new and best content for its audience.The Channel users can get access to the best content such as stickers,emojis,and extra videos.It only depends on the channel owners to choose any specific content they want to offer.This will help the users in a good way.
  2. A Merchandise Shelf can be set at the end of the videos ,so users can easily view a merchandise of content creators without using any link for description  .In the video description users of YouTube have to add a storefront link before , The new merchandise with photos and price, will solve the problems so that there is no need to leave the page to check.
  3. Premieres : This one is best for Facebook’s online game show or gamification.For promotional purposes ,YouTubers can use pre-recorded videos in a live stream.The audience can also interact with the channel owner during live streaming.YouTube users can also pay amount to make their comment appear on the top. This is the way to make money without having rely on advertisement.


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Arooj Fatima


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