Young rappers of Lyari coming forward to express themselves using RAP


Music comes as an inspiration for many and people love it because it describes how the person is feeling and the most inspiring category is called RAP.

Lyari has been considered as being the most dangerous city in all over Pakistan because of all the gang wars and murders but recently the law enforcement have taken control of everything and things seem so be fine now, where musicians used to be scared of showing the world their talent because of the gangs now has a music streaming app , which is a startup since two years and now is free to express themselves to the people of Pakistan.


The founder of the app says that they got inspired into RAP when they listened to the RAP legend Tupac Shakur even though he was thousands of miles away but that did not stop him from being inspired and says that RAP helps him express his feelings:

“In a ghetto, rap exists naturally, If there is no rap, then it is not a ghetto. Rap is a product of this reality and these surroundings.”

The Members if the band say that after they listened to Tupac it reminded them about the situations they were facing in Liyari.


Startup and Production

The app was launched back in the February of 2015 and has amazingly created a library of over 40,000 songs and podcasts, and the subscribers to the startup are over Half a Million says Khalid Bajwa who is the CEO of the company, although Bajwa did not share his earnings from the company and said that currently, the company is running on productions and events for Pepsi and Khaadi.

The company is currently working on creating their own music album called ” Tabeer” and have been said to have signed up unknown artists to help them produce Six songs with the Budget of only $15,000 which will get featured on their apps home page.

According to the CEO Pakistani Music industry only focuses on Big Time music artists while leaving the amateurs alone that’s why he is signing amateur artists, to promote them.

The first two Videos consisted of Abid Brohi who is a rapper from Sibbi and a 13-year-old tea boy Jehangeer Saleem. and the video has got more than a million views empowering them to continue forwards.


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Sufyan Khan


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