Xbox plans to introduce its streaming service by the year 2020, CEO Phil Spencer says


So it’s the time of the year when Microsoft’s latest gaming console, XBox One X gets released. This was probably the most anticipated console of the series as the company held the suspense for quite a long time. Selling for $499 in the US the XBox One X is receiving an overwhelming response and the suppliers have already warned about the possible shortage of the console in the upcoming holiday season.

Phil Spencer has recently completed his tour to the different locations of the world while running a campaign regarding XBox One X. While talking to Bloomberg, Spencer said:

Microsoft will probably debut a streaming service that doesn’t require a console for some types of content in the next three years.

Got Any Hints?

32e2122b3d582020ede421e158e14abcb87c62ae hq XBox may be rolling out its streaming service by the year 2020 Check out what Phil Spencer had to say!

The streaming service project is not new, rather the console producing subsidiary of Microsoft was working on the idea for the last five years. Reason for not releasing it in the past was the cost factor as the experts didn’t think it was acceptable for the market.
With the competitors already in the streaming service field, Microsoft had to start taking things seriously and it seems like it’s the time that we can possibly see a streaming service by them in the near future or 2020 to be more precise.

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