Xbox One X is facing stock shortage issue in the UK, it may be a new marketing strategy of the company


The holiday season is just a few days ahead and there are some reports about gaming consoles going short from the market. Nintendo Switch was feared to get scarce and now according to the stock of XBox One X present in the retail stores, there are chances that we can face its shortage too! Especially in the UK, the console is unlikely to meet the overwhelming seasonal demand.

xbox one x ed XBox One X may face a stock shortage in the UK this holiday season Is it real or just a marketing strategy?

Harvey Eagle, the head of Xbox in the UK says:

The Scorpio edition sold out in record time. It was the fastest pre-order of an Xbox that we’ve ever had. I can’t guarantee that stock will be available in launch week for people to just walk into a store and pick up. Demand is really high,” said Eagle. “I’d just encourage people if they want one at launch, to get moving. What I can say is that we will have new stock deliveries into retail each week as we get through to Christmas.

A Marketing Strategy?

Well, companies do play such marketing tricks to grab most of the customers when the stock is even in abundance. It’s just because companies want to sell more and more of the stock at full price. But if Mr. Eagle is to be believed, the company may really be running out of stock because of the high demands:

If I think about the home console market, there is actually growth there this year, which I think is great,” adds Eagle. “A lot of that is driven by the success of Switch. Nintendo is doing a really great job. Obviously, with Xbox One X launching, we think that is a real opportunity for retailers to have success with Xbox.

Launching on 7th of this month, the full price of the console is set to be £449.99 in the Europe and $499 in the US.

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