Worldwide group of Hackers ‘Anonymous’ shared simple Guide – How to Hack Donald Trump’s Mobile Phone


The worldwide Hackers ‘Anonymous’ shared on twitter ‘How to Hack Donald Trump’s SmartPhone’. The world Powerfull man Donald trump using Samsung Galaxy S3, their phone is android 4.4 version outdated. Hackers make easily hack their SmartPhone by techniques like Stagefright. 

Donald Trump is the president of United States and most powerful man on the earth. Anonymous threatend to trump to disclose the links with Russian mobsters, child traffickers, and money launderers.

Anonymous reminded Donald Trump through Twitter they said, You are going to regret for next four years of presidency. Donald Trump never has responded to hackers.

Barack Obama can not use his smartphone during his duty as president of united States.

Here’s the tweet by Hackers Group Anonymous:

The Samsung Galaxy phones are not the safe phones devices for this jobs. Donald Trump’s new phone is much secure and some people have his number. Hackers shown that how easily hack the President’s smartphone and easily target Galaxy s3 Android phones. The older android version than 5.0.1 hackers can easily hack the old versions of androids by simple techniques.

The Chief Technology Officer Bryce Boland said that, Once they’ve infected the phone, they can look at the calendar, see what meetings a person has and then turn on the microphone during the meeting and record everything

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