World Bank Approves $728 Million to Help Pakistan battle,climate change


ISLAMABAD ; The world bank is committing $728 million for 4 projects in pakistan that will help pakistani citizens against the the effect of climate change .

The financial support was envisaged for four projects related to water, environment and cities, the bank said in a statement late on Friday. International Development Association, the concessional financing arm of the World Bank, is funding all the four projects.

The World Bank bank said in a statement:                                                                                                                         “These projects will protect the environment and improve the quality of life in cities while being engines of growth and promoting sustainable water management through efficient irrigation, robust weather forecasting and improved disaster preparedness,”

Illango Patchamuthu ( World Bank country director for Pakistan)  said:                             “The projects offer wide-ranging support to address climate vulnerability and variability by strengthening institutions and systems and investing in priority infrastructure in rural and urban areas,”

“Millions of Pakistanis will benefit from improved irrigation, weather services, and resilience to natural disasters. At the same time, Punjab’s cities will benefit from investments to improve infrastructure and local services while protecting its environment,”he added


The $188 million Hydromet and Disaster Risk Management Services Project will help Pakistan deliver more reliable and timely weather forecasting and disaster risk management services.
Pakistan suffered $18 billion losses between 2005 and 2014  due to the adverse impact of climate change.
The project will help to increase preparation for and resilience to natural disasters and climate change, as well as improve water management for agriculture.


The Sindh Barrages Improvement Project will benefit from $140 million in additional financing to help improve the reliability and safety of the Guddu and Sukkur Barrages and strengthen the Sindh Irrigation Department’s ability to operate and manage them. This project would start in June this year and would be completed on June 30 2024. The rehabilitation and modernization of Sukkur Barrage will provide reliable water supply to 14 canals and reduce floods.

This undertaking will likewise guarantee the blast’s ability to securely leave surges behind to 1.3 million cusecs. This will be accomplished under the oversight of a recently settled Barrage Monitoring Unit. The goal of the venture is to fortify limit of Irrigation Department, the administration of Sindh to work and oversee blasts and enhance the unwavering quality and wellbeing of Guddu and Sukkur Barrages.



The 3rd $200 million Punjab green development program will strengthen the province’s environmental management through permit its departments to provide better environmental services to citizens and the private sector, with a focus on build up the capacity of the Environment Protection Department.

The project will help update laws and regulations and promote investments in cleaner technologies to reduce air and water pollution.


The $200 million Punjab Cities Programme will benefit 4.1 million people in 16 urban areas by build up local governments’ ability to deliver basic and green infrastructure. The programme will also build systems to improve clarity, responsibility, and responsiveness of municipal committees and other structures.

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