No soul is immortal.

No matter how much or dearly you love a person, or they love you, there will never exist a forever. You will have to say goodbye and it goes the same for all living beings, even dogs. The max you can spend, you are super lucky, with your dog is maybe 10 to 20 years.

With old age, it gets tougher to live life at its fullest for dogs, or any other living being. In such moments, you must make sure that animal comfort is everything and you shouldn’t let your emotions get in the way. With all the medical conditions and the fatigue almost leaving your pet animal to nothing, many pet owners suggest you should step in and do what is best for everyone. Yes, I am talking about euthanasia. Many are in favor of it, many hate it, it’s just a choice that every pet owner has that can be utilized for the good.

In today’s story, we have a woman pet owner who wanted to say something, with a heavy heart, to her sister who has a 12-year-old dog. The dog hadn’t been doing too well owing to an injury it met a few years ago that paralyzed the dog completely from the waist down. The dog did adapt to the situation to the best extent but OP’s sister would have to put in a lot of effort in terms of changing its diapers as it would have no control over its lower body.

In recent times, OP observed her sister’s dog’s condition had been rapidly declining and it had also started showing signs of aggression quite frequently. This did it for OP as she finally decided to suggest her sister have her dog euthanized.

The story was posted on the sacred community of “Am I The A$$hole?“. She had no idea if she did the right thing or not by suggesting her sister take the big step, so the matter was left in the hands of the AITA community members her fate.

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OP was NTA. It is very understandable that the fear of separation makes us all feel super reluctant to take such a huge decision but if we think from the aspect of love, OP’s sister would be doing her dog a great favor by putting it out of its misery.

There is something very sweet about dogs. Everything they do is oriented around the happiness of those they love. And staying alive for as long as possible, even though it is hurting it mentally and physically, is part of the whole process. We really don’t deserve them for the things they do for us. But at this moment, I hope OP’s sister understands where OP is coming from with this suggestion.

Regardless, declaring OP an AH for making a suggestion is unfair and incorrect.






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Cat tax.

“Kira was founded almost dead of starvation on a farm with cows. She was healthy in one week and we kept her. Summer 2018.”