Windows 10 finally reached 500 million active users.


Windows 10 OS revealed the report, they finally reached 500 million active users.

According to the Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella announced the report about Windows 10, he said that the Windows 10 now reached 500 million active users worldwide. The numbers are up from 400 to 500 million from last year in September.

Microsoft also added that windows 10 was launched for the business users. Expected that billions of users will install windows 10 by 2018 and the numbers of installs will be attained after next year. According to the latest reports, the Microsoft is planning to bring smart speakers in the area. The Google Home and Amazon Echo are also competing.

The company also plans to add more features in Windows 10. The new features will control the smart home products.The smart speaker will control Windows 10’s smart home products.

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