WI-tribe is the first internet provider facilitating 4.5G speeds with LTE-Advanced Home Broadband services


Wi-tribe offering fastest internet speed to its users. Now the users can enjoy 4.5G speeds with LTE-Advanced Home Broadband services. Pakistan’s leading Home & Business Broadband Internet provider the Wi-tribe announced that the company delivered upto the 200Mbps internet speed and in near future, the company plan is to deliver LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) technology network. On that, the company mentions the first internet provider in Pakistan with 4.5G speeds internet.

The company invested more than $100m million in previous three years to improve the performance and design the new programs focusing on the speed challenges that the users face in Pakistan when connecting to the internet. The investment brings fruit, the company improved technology and service add new value added services.  According to the report, Wi-tribe becomes the first internet provider with high internet speed in Pakistan. The company claims that the end users will get to watch ultra HD without buffering and businesses won’t suffer due to poor speed related challenges. The President and Chairman of Wi-tribe, Shahid Malik stated as:

“We are truly thrilled at breaking the 200Mbps speed barrier and delivering Pakistan’s fastest ever Home Broadband Internet Service. This a great milestone for Pakistan and all involved should feel proud as we roll-out the first LTE Advanced network delivering 4.5G speeds, not only in Pakistan, but the first such deployment in South Asia and the Middle East on the 3.5Ghz frequency.

He further added:

While we don’t intend to offer 200Mbps speeds to our customers, we will nonetheless be offering some very high-speeds & high-volume packages, which cater for all customer needs, and of course ensure all benefit from the superb quality of the revolutionary LTE-A technology.”

 Mr. Malik added:

“Customers want speed, reliability and quality service – with this investment we can deliver all three and maintain our position as the number one Home Broadband Internet Service Provider in Pakistan. However, we don’t intend to rest on our laurels, we are already looking at second generation devices, which will become commercially available shortly, and will deliver speeds up to an incredible 400Mbps.”

 Mr. Malik, however, cautioned against focusing solely on speed: 

“While speed is exciting, most customers also require good data packages with ample Gigabytes (GBs) of data – something they cannot get from their existing providers, so as well as uniquely delivering 4.5G speeds, our LTE-A network will provide huge data capacity and that means heavyweight data packages for our customers.”

 Mr. Malik said the Pakistan investment was crucial, for the future of Wi-tribe and importantly, to keep 1,000 or so jobs alive at the company:

 “Our huge investment was essential in order to achieve our vision of bringing the very latest and best technology in the world to Pakistani households and future-proofing the company. In addition, we have brought millions of dollars of foreign direct investment into Pakistan, and importantly, this will be safeguarding over 1,000 jobs here at Wi-tribe insha’Allah, as well as some 4,000 jobs in our supply chain.”

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Zill-e- Huma


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