Why Xiaomi Chinese Company Selling Mobile Phones at Low Prices.


In Pakistan, peoples are satisfied with Samsung, Huawei, and Qmobile mobile phone companies. Peoples are using mobile of these companies. But few months ago, ‘Xiaomi‘ Chinese smartphone company officially launched in Pakistan. OnePlus, Oppo, also selling their mobile phones in Pakistan.

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These are Chinese companies are selling smartphones at low prices in Pakistan. They are offering smartphones with many specifics fast quad-core, fast processors, spacious RAMs, big screen Display and good quality camera at low prices. Peoples can easily afford this mobile phones in Pakistan.

Here’s the reason how Xiaomi Smartphone Company selling phones at low prices.

As compared to other companies just like Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, Qmobile they wasted their money on advertisements on tv channels or billboards, traditional marketing that’s why they sell smartphones at high prices.

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But Xiaomi smartphones company saves a lot of money. They do not advertise its mobile phones on TV channels, even people don’t find any ads on anywhere. Xiaomi just advertises on social media. they are just focused on social media advertisement and much better target than other companies.

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Xiaomi only sells its mobile phones online their own websites. They are not spending money on shipping. They just mobile phones on online websites. These are the strategies they save money from these sides and sellings mobiles at the low price.

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Xiaomi is started with software, but after few years they are launched android ROM as called ‘MIUI’ . Anyone can intall on android mobile phones. After a long time they realized that they needed too launched hardware for growing the company. So they announced to released it first smartphone Xiaomi Mi1 with amazing specifics at lowest prices and partnered with Qualcomm.

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