There are several possible causes for why someone can get a poor tattoo. They might not have good taste, they might have chosen the incorrect studio, or they might have intended to have crooked lines. No one knows exactly the reasons.

In any case, they are now permanently stuck with the design, and if they go anywhere, like the beach to swim, someone else might notice, snap a picture, and post it online. That is simply the world we live in. And it occurs more often than you might imagine.

Just take a peek at the @worst of tattoos Instagram account. Its goal is to demonstrate that “humans are garbage at making excellent decisions” and it has already provided more than 360 examples to support this claim. Here are a few examples.

#1 I can’t think of anything worse for him to endure than to walk around with that tattoo

#2 I am a fan of Freddie Mercury, but here he looks like he is about to eat a d…

#3 Not the cat-eyed look she imagined

#4 mEoW

#5 And this is why your artist should be able to spell

#6 That’s some pretty incredible work for something so stupid

#7 How?!? I can almost understand mixing up east and west but come on!

#8 Um, no

#9 Potato falcon 😀

#10 Uhh… bride of Chucky?

#11 WTF??? How can this even be for real…

#12 The little disclaimer is the best part!

#13 Okay, it’s weird, but the pen looks amazing!

#14 What? My next what?

#15 Uncanny

#16 Btamn

#17 Are those French fries or fungus?

#18 It took me way too long to see it says Jon Bovi. It’s is of course Bon Jovi

#19 I don’t know why you all are hating. She looks exactly like in the picture below

#20 Gonna look great when he’s 70…

#21 Why are the ugly baby tattoos shaded into oblivion? They look like babies in coal mines

#22 I’m impressed

#23 Want me to tell you the story of how I got this sca- tattoo?


#25 Jeusus ChristeSource: tattoo_fails

#26 I hope he never breaks up with her

#27 Forget the sentence, why is there a pregnant hand??

#28 Nightmare fuel

#29 Does the one under his eye mean he’s killed a Chevy?

#30 Is… is that Eddie Munster??