WhatsApp launch new feature 24 Hour Stories Just Like Instagram and Snapchat.


Nowadays, every networks application trying to copy each other. Last year, Instagram introduced the features like snap chat and Facebook copying too. Facebook and Instagram now sharing videos and pictures with each other with 24-hour stories. Now WhatsApp application also introduces the new feature in their app. Now Whatsapp users can post new stories images and videos as new status.

source: GrafFiotech

Earlier WhatsApp users only can put their status by emojis and texting and post as long as users want. Now Whatsapp users can put their new photos and videos as status and that will remain for hours. After the hours the status will be deleted automatically. WhatsApp users can put 6 statuses in a day.

source: Tech Times

Simply you can click on your friends or family pictures on Whatsapp and see what they have posted for the day. Its feature just like Instagram and Snapchat Stories.

This feature now available fir the IOS users, Android users wait some days to get this feature.

source: BitFeed

24 hr Stories firstly introduced from Snapchat. Then Instagram copy this feature from Snapchat. 150 millions of Instagram users can use this feature last year and people enjoying with this feature of ephemeral stories. This feature will appear on facebook soon. Facebook is also testing this feature.

WhatsApp is still working for the improvement of application. WhatsApp now introducing 2 step verification, now no one can see profile using your mobile phone number. They have also introduced the new features that they will allow to track anyone in real time. In the case of friends can track easily.

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