WhatsApp Hack Features you Need to Be Master



Now whatsApp has some secrets that you need to know about it to secure your data and manage it well.

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10 whatsApp features

Here are some more modified features listed below:

Star a massage 

Simply  do star a message in quick find it later on. On iOS, select the Star tab on the bottom of your screen. Android users should need to tap on the Menu button first and then select the starred messages icon on the phone.

Find WhatsApp BFF

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Look who your WhatsApp best friend is? Have an iPhone? Then it is pretty simple and straightforward. Simply go to Settings

  • Data and Storage Use
  • Storage Use to find a list of contacts who grab most storage on your device.

You can see more details by tapping on the contact. Information available includes number of messages exchange, images, GIFs and so on. Android users can go to


  1. Chat
  2. Chat History
  3. Email Chat to do the same.

Might be whatsApp stop working after Dec

Don’t store pictures and videos from WhatsApp

You may have problem with the storage of your phone with whatApp but that not the big deal you can manage your storage and also you can stop storing that videos and picture directly coming from WhatsApp to you phone gallery. Go to setting and storage and set your phone Off media setting there not to save WhatsApp videos and photos.

Mute Conversation

You can mute your conversation let suppose you joined a group of different people and you get notification every second and that disturbs you so you can go to conversation setting and mute that conversation over there thats how you can mute it.

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Export Conversation

You Worried about losing your chat history? Simply export your conversation.

If you want to save your conversation you don’t want to lose it then go to setting of WhatsApp and go to that specific WhatsApp conversation setting and select the Export conversation and export it and save your conversation.

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