We are introducing the Price of iPhone X with the solar charger at the Back of phone.


A Russian accessory maker ‘Caviar’ has brought a new version of iPhone ,The iPhone X with solar charger at the Back of Phone .iPhone will branched the phone as iPhone X Tesla. Cavier has announced his plans for it last year but this is not new as he announced.

iPhone X with solar charger ,Price is $4,000..

iPhone and Teslas is doesn’t made by Cavier a Russian accessory maker so the iPhone and Teslas will not built directly in Teslas functions. Basically iPhone X is a thick case device which can be charged by direct supply and also by solar pannels at the Backmof phone .Solar pannel is a secondary battery.

iPhone X has ip67 water and dust resistance. This is two way charging Phone . iPhone X has a long lasting battery.

“Made on Earth by Humans ” is the first unit of iPhone X  for honoring Elon Musk for his services. Cavier says that its only amking 999 units and each unit of this phone has  its own production number.

Its informing you that you can get iPhone X Teslas

with 64 GB Storage for $4,555

with a 256 GB model for $4,805

The will be imported from Russia “with additional taxes and duties”.


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Arooj Fatima


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