If you want to sell your phone so fill up the CPLC form first


If you want to sell your phone so fill up the CPLC form first:

Approximately 34,137 mobile phones were stolen or snatched in Karachi last year. CPLC in collaboration with the police and the mobile market has come up with a strategy.
This is a very simple strategy that is any shopkeeper who sells mobiles has to fill a form given by the CPLC before buying an old used phone from people.
It has complete details of the seller like his name, father’s name, address, CNIC number and phones’ International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number.

Kidnapper’s Gang busted by CPLC:

The shopkeeper must verify it from the CPLC helpline 1102 or call 35682222 before buying a used phone from the seller. to verify the phone’s status – snatched, stolen or cleared It is also compulsory for all shopkeepers to get a photocopy of a customer’s CNIC before buying a used mobile phone.”

Sending street crime cases to ATCs:

There are over 100 small and big mobile markets in the city with nearly 15,000 shops where thousands of used mobile phones are sold and purchased on a daily basis. The CPLC and the police have taken the mobile markets’ associations on board with the decision. It is also our responsibility to force the shopkeepers to follow the SOP.

Street crime with people of Karachi in 2016:

The people of Karachi have been victims of 1,181 mobile phones in snatching, 1,441 mobile phones in theft, 20 four wheelers in snatching, 123 four wheelers if theft and 1,727 two-wheelers in the theft.
There is one case of kidnapping, seven cases of extortion, 31 killings and one case of bank robbery were reported.

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