Viber new updates: Users can disappear after seen the photos or videos in Viber.


Now Viber users set the timer to disappear after seen the pictures and videos. Nowadays people can misuse of the pictures or personal videos.This update comes with new features. Now the Viber users secure with the personal conversations with other peoples. The new advancement of social media, these are the vital effects in our lives.

Source: TechCrunch

According to new updates of Viber, if people send the videos or photos to the other friend user designate the photos and videos. Viber launched feature users can delete the conversation from the both sides of the conversation. People sent a picture with a time of 1,3,7 or 10 seconds, Picture or video will be deleted after the seconds.

Source: Google+

Same the facts for videos users can watch one time, after that the video deleted from senders.This feature for groups chats who use in Viber app.

Viber announced that 800 million users are registered in Viber and 260 millions of people are active in Viber. This app is just like Whatsapp or IMO. This features also used in Instagram and other apps.

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