Viber finally introduced its new feature ‘Secret chat’ with self-destructive for its users.


Viber have recently launched its new feature ‘Secret Chat’ for its customers. Nowadays, messaging applications announce new features to beat each other.

Popular messaging app Viber also introduced a new feature of Secret Chat with a self-destructive timer. Secret chat is a short time and secure chat for everyone. People can share everything on Secret Chat after consuming time, the chat will remove from both sides automatically.

Now Viber users feel secure with this feature. I hope people can enjoy with this feature. Every messaging application is trying to beat each other by new features, Viber also a part in that race. Viber launches its amazing feature for its users.

In secret Chat, people can set the timer, after consuming the time, all the chat will be removed automatically from both sides even people can’t forward this messages with anyone. Not only this, even people can’t take screen shots in secret chat. Screen short is totally unavailable for secret chat. It will also be alerted to opposite user by notification of screen shot.

You can simply open the chat of any person, see in the option have secret chat option button. Viber also said in Blog Post:

You can have two conversations going with the same person or group at the same time – one regular chat and one secret chat. You’ll know which one of them is secret by the lock badge on the chat icon. Starting a secret chat from an existing regular chat will not delete or replace the regular chat, it will just start a separate one.

Viber has also introduced its timer feature for its users. People can send picture or videos for 1, 3, 7 or 10 seconds. After the specific time, picture or video will be deleted. Viber introduced amazing features and improve their services.

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