Varjo is working on VR and XR synergy to introduce an Ultra-High Resolution Alpha Prototype VR Headset


After the VR and AR technologies went entirely common among the general public, the concept of ‘Mixed Reality’ rose up and we are now witnessing it being utilized in the upcoming titles. Varjo is a Finnish company working on the same technology and has blended Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality (VR/XR) to make an entirely new thing out of it i.e. the Ultra-High Resolution Alpha Prototype VR Headset.

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Varjo is Older Than You Think

The company came into existence quite a long time ago and its first public technology demonstration was at Slush. The idea clicked many of the world’s biggest brand names including 20th Century Fox, Airbus, Audi, BMW, Technicolor and Volkswagen and they all are collaborating with Varjo.

What To Expect?

With so many big names involved in this VR/XR game, we are expecting the company to roll out VR/XR Bionic Display for their respective business sectors. Imagine an Audi with a VR Bionic display or your favorite movie with this tech in place. Woah! Urho Konttori, CEO, and founder of Varjo Technologies says:

I’m incredibly proud of the team that took a proof of concept into a custom-built technology prototype in just a few short months. Together with our world-leading partners, we are now perfecting the technology and plan to launch a profoundly revolutionary VR/XR headset by the end of 2018.

Headset’s Specifications

  • FOV: 100 degrees for context display, 35 horizontal for focus displays
  • Context display: 1080×1200 @ 90Hz, 8bpp (for each eye)
  • Varjo Bionic display: 1920×1080 @ TBD, 8bpp (for each eye)
  • Integrated 100Hz stereo eye-tracking
  • Steam VR tracking with controller support

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