US Embassies Ask to Visa Applicants for Social Media Passwords for background checks on Tuuesday.


According to the John Kelly said on Tuesday, Us Embassies ask all visa applicants for social media passwords of social media for a background check.

source: New Vision

John Kelly also said that this process is for security safety. This is especially for Muslim visitors comes from Muslim countries. In past few weeks, Donald Trump bans seven Muslim countries  Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen this rule is especially for these countries.

source: Siasat

John Kelly said, US embassies want to get their social media passwords and also said that they are looking for some additional screening. They said every visitors from these seven countries, they need to know about social media details what they do on internet and passwords, than they can check what they do on internet.

source: DNA India

If any one don’t share the details of social media than they don’t issue the visas. It is the rules for US visitors. If aanyone want to visit America than they must be coporate with them.

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