The upcoming Apple TV which can support the 4K video resolution:

This article is about the upcoming Apple TV which can support the 4K video resolution. As we know that Apple is playing the important role in modern technology to upgrade and develop more devices and equipment for users. In worldwide Apple is known as the Smartphone developer company which made the series of iPhone the smartest and amazing smartphone with its own operating system iOS, as well as they, are working on some other devices like, Apple TV, Apple smart devices, Apple laptops and many other things. So this time we here to share the information about the upcoming Apple TV which is actually a home theater.

Apple TV:

This Apple TV can support many features as well. Apple TV will be released in the month of September. This Apple TV can play the UHD ( Ultra High Definition ) in 4K video resolution and the resolution is much sharper than the 1080p HD resolution. This upcoming Apple TV can also support the HDR functionality High Dynamic Range to stable the color and contrast of the video. They also said 4K movies will be available at the same price of HD.