United Nation’s involvement in hacking Pakistan mobile system – Wikileaks reveal the news.

Wikileaks reveal the leaks about hacking, United Nation’s involvement in hacking Pakistan mobile system. NCA Cyber weapons include in the hacking of Pakistan mobile system.

Wikileaks is the largest international organisation initiated in 2006 in Iceland. Wikileaks leaks the secret information, secret news, secret leaks. This time they leak the important news about the hacking Pakistan mobile system. According to the Wikileaks, America’s involvement in hacking Pakistan mobile system and NCA include in hacking.

NSA work for the USA and foreign countries. NCA also making in process of information and global monitoring. In the past, NCA also allegedly spied on Pakistani military and civilian. One of the NASA’s employees Edward Snowden indicated that NASA uses cyber-spy on many international leaders.

Wikileaks also reveal its news on the social media Twitter. They clearly reveal the news about hacking Pakistan mobile system and also mention about the hackers. Here are the post on Twitter posted by Wikileaks,

The news revealed on largest social media ‘Twitter‘. The link shared by the ‘Wikileaks’ on twitter on its official account. They said ‘Hundreds of NSA cyber weapons variants publicly released including code showing hacking of Pakistan mobile system’.


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