Ufone Signed MOU with TPL Maps for Location Tracking


Technology is smartness and easiness into our lives. Location-based tracking is a very powerful tool an industry owns. Google along with many others are doing great in developing maps for the entire Planet. The Google Earth, Google Street View, and Google Underwater View are very incredible to use.

Ufone, not only wants to correctly track their users on the run, quickly and instantly. But to know the behaviour of their use which is far more important.

To achieve that TPL Maps comes in, using domestic service provider’s mapping skills and collaborating them with Ufone tech, the end product will be Intelligence Based Location Services Insallah.

TPL Maps

The TPL Maps is launched back in 2016. It is a sub-branch of the TPL Corp. They are only domestic digital mapping company of Pakistan providing Geographic Information System(SIS) based scalable mapping solutions.

With a great team and technological support, TPL Maps are helping many businesses in geographic location-based data solutions in their desired area.

TPL Maps has the largest database of collected data from over Four Hundred (400) Cities mapped; 4.4 Million geocoded addresses and over Three Hundred Thousand (300,000 KM) kilometers of road maps so far. The data is expanding every month.

Ufone and TPL Maps

In collaboration, TPL Maps will develop APIs or modify existing APIs, so Ufone will integrate their mapping to those APIs. However, this is a time taking and skill required task. But for next, some months customer will notice the fruity outcomes of this collaboration. Both the enterprises are native, so this is also great for our economy.

Location-based Intelligence solution will help Ufone in expanding their business. This will give them a Data Set from most and fewer usage areas each day. They will be posted with huge statistical data which can become very valuable information for the growth of the company.

No other telecom industry has done this type of gambling before, but experts are predicting that they will be paid off well. Because at the end of the day Ufone is getting information about customers’ behavior which actually a worthy profit.




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