Ufone network has updated his smartphone app ‘My Ufone’ with new features.


Ufone updated his smartphone application ‘My Ufone‘ with new features. Now Ufone network users can use and download many applications from ‘My Ufone‘ app store.

Nowadays, the mobile application is the most important factor. Android, iOS, window or many mobile phones provide app stores. People can download many applications from the app store in mobile phones. Ufone now also launched the new feature for Ufone customers.

Ufone updated version of a mobile app. Ufone now improves its smartphone app store with many new features. Ufone users now download many applications from the Ufone smartphone ‘My Ufone’ app store. They also trying to improve more than other networks and provide best smartphone app.

Ufone also mentioned that the charges will not appear on a usage of the app. According to the Ufone, you can manage your all Ufone numbers by using a single account. You just create a username in the app and you can control Ufone connections with single app.

This application offer for both Postpaid and prepaid Ufone customers. Both users can use and check packages, check balance, activate or deactivate packages, call details and complaints register. Ufone customers also check their call, SMS details through ‘My Ufone‘ app.

You can mange your favorite Ufone package and avail easily with ‘My Ufone’ smartphone app.

You can download from Google Play Store  here and Apple App Store here.

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