Ufone network 3G/4G settings – Ufone MMS settings in Smartphone.


Ufone is telecom network company in Pakistan. They provide 3G/4G fastest internet services to its customers. Here is the complete procedure of how to configuration of Ufone 3G/4G settings MMS settings on a smartphone.

Ufone network company started their network in 2001 in Pakistan and provide the network services. The company has more than 24 million subscribers and they also cover 10,000 locations in the country. So today we talk about the settings of Ufone 3G/4G internet and MMS settings in a smartphone.

Here is the complete information how to configure settings in a smartphone. There are many procedures of configuring settings including, SMS, call, and manual settings.

Ufone Internet Settings & MMS Settings

  • Go to Main menu
  • Tap Settings> Wireless and networks> Mobile Networks
  • Tap Access Point Names (APN)
  • Press menu button
  • Tap New APN and edit following parameters

 Ufone Internet Manual Configuration settings

  • uName: Ufone GPRS
  • APN: ufone.pinternet (for prepaid)
  • APN: ufone.internet (for postpaid)
  • Proxy: < blank >
  • User name: < blank >
  • Password: < blank >
  • MCC 410: (by default)
  • MNC: 01 (use whatever is there by default)
  • Authentication: Normal
  • Port (if required): 8080
  • Connection type: HTTP
  • Network type: IPv4

Ufone MMS Settings

  • MMS APN for Ufone Prepaid: ufone.pmms
  • MMS APN for Ufone Postpaid: ufone.mms
  • Login name: < blank >
  • Password :< blank >
  • Authentication :Normal
  • MMSC: http://www.ufonemms.com:80/
  • MMS Proxy Server Address:
  • Port (if required): 8080
  • APN type: MMS

Ufone Internet Settings & MMS Settings via SMS

Ufone customers now configure smartphone settings via SMS, just simply send SMS ‘mobile model’ to 222 and get all configure settings by an easy method.

Ufone Internet Settings & MMS Settings via Call

Ufone customers can call on 333, the Ufone customer care staff will set up your 3G/4G internet and MMS settings.


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