Ufone Football Cup: Ufone going to launch Football Championship in Balochistan, Pakistan.


Ufone going to launch Football championship tournament in Balochistan, Pakistan. Four cities including in Championship.

Ufone is the largest telecom network company in Pakistan. They launch something new, the company launches Football Championship in Balochistan, Pakistan. They also mention the name of the cities of Balochistan including, Khuzdar, Chaman, Pashin and Quetta. People can join from these cities in Ufone Football Club.

Football championship now Footballers can join the league in Balochistan and they can also prove their mettle. The Head of Marketing Ufone, Adnan Anjum said that,

Ufone firmly believes that there is no lack of talent in Pakistan and wants to play its role in identifying potential and providing a platform to nurture it.

The national football tram player, Fazal Mohammad and Ufone ambassadors will also participate in the Ufone Football Cup. This Tournament for the young and talented footballers in Balochistan who want to show to their talents. Ufone efforts for the youngsters in Pakistan and launches the Football Championship in Balochistan.

Ufone company provide the platforms for the footballers from Balochistan now they show their talents. Expected that, the Ufone Football championship cup will cover with the local media in Pakistan. Adnan Anjum also added that,

Football is extremely popular in Balochistan and we are excited to see the province’s talent compete against each other. Who knows we might produce the next big footballer out of this tournament who could go on and make a name for the country

Football Tournament has a qualifying round, every city will play to present their city in Championship. After the 8 winning teams will compete with each other in the Quarterfinals. After the quarter final, the winning fours teams will appear in Semi-finals. They also mention the dates of the tournaments. The championship will start on April 17, 2017 to May 04, 2017 in Quetta.

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