Ufone 2G internet packages list, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly.


Ufone largest network in Pakistan. they offered lowest rates of 2G internet packages at cheapest prices.

Nowadays, Ufone network is most leading service and provides best internet services to its customers. Ufone users can avail the internet packages and enjoy with high speed. People can watch videos and browsing in their mobile phones. Ufone now offers cheaper rate for Ufone 2G internet users. Now people can want fastest internet speed in their smartphones to use to touch with social media or family and friends.

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Ufone user simply can subscribe any internet 2G packages. You can send sms with relevant package code for activation. For Example: Send SMS ‘Sub’ to 804 and avail package easily.

These are the list of Ufone 2G internet Packages including, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly:


Ufone Hourly Internet Package:

  • Send SMS ‘SUB’ to 806.
  • Unlimited Data
  • Charges Rs. 15 per hour.

Ufone users can avail this unlimited data offer in just Rs. 15. Package will be expired after 1 hour.

Ufone Daily Internet Package:

  • Send SMS ‘Sub’ to 804
  • 50 MB per day
  • Charges Rs. 10 per day.

Now internet user can subscribe daily package and avail with great speed at cheapest rate.

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Ufone Daily (Special) Internet Package:

  • Send SMS ‘Sub’ to 810
  • 75 MB per day
  • Charges Rs. 4.99 including tax per day.

Ufone Monthly Internet Package:

  • Send SMS ‘Sub’ to 7813
  • Unlimited
  • Charges Rs. 30 per day.

This package is only activate from 2 am to 9 am with unlimited data. Ufone users can subscribe monthly 2G internet package from 2 am to 9 am. Ufone users can amaze with these fastest 2G internet packages. This packages is available for every ufne users. You can use internet without any interrupted. You fcan choose the best package according to usage of internet.

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