Uber and Seed Out Launhced creating opportunities for extra Income in Pakistan.

Uber and Seed Out launched new opportunity of income in Pakistan. They launched transport rickshaw service on February 22, 2017 to create extra income with UberAuto.

GM of Uber Pakistan Safee Shah and Seed Out representatives, they signed on the agreement at an event in Lahore and start the service for low income families in the country, they will create income by UberAuto. Seed Out is the first micro finance and provides the opportunities to peoples to create income.

GM Safee Shah stated that,

At Uber we are convinced that innovation and technology enables everyone to get around and makes cities better places to live, with a safe, affordable and reliable ride, at the push of a button with uberGO and uberAuto.

He also said that, With a collaboration like that of Seed Out we aim to do more in order to contribute to the hardworking and deserving people of Pakistan.

Uber network now available in 75 countries and 537 cities in the world. They was launched in 2009 with texi transport service.  The uber texi service launched in Pakistan in 2015.


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