Uber Hires Former NASA Engineer To Help Manufacturing Flying Car



The ride-hailing company Uber, is planning to further expand its flying car experiments. In this regard Uber has hired NASA a very intelligent and dedicated engineer Mark Moore as Director of Engineering at Uber Elevate Company.

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Mark Moore

Mark Moore has worked before at the federal agency as an advanced and expert aircraft engineer. Basically, Moore started the current interest in take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft for short-haul urban flight with a 2010 research paper on the workability of the helicopter-like vehicles.

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According to Bloomberg it is reported, the appointment of Moore came right after the NASA expert contemplate on Uber’s recent white paper on VTOL craft.

The engineer was motivated by Uber’s work on the subject. He believed that there was an opportunity and chance to make the vision he would originally showed years ago into something significant.Uber Improves the Security by Taking Selfies of Drivers to Avoid Fraud

Moore reported that the main reason behind his decision was, that the company looked to have a reasonable business case for making a flying commuter system transit facility real.


Uber has segmented its view for “on-demand aviation” as networks of small road vehicles. That can pull out and land vertically straight, are powered by electric sources, and have ranges of between 50 and 100 miles on a single charge.

in the end the different goals of the company surrounded via an app on a passenger’s phone.

Moore while talking to Bloomberg said:

“But in the near-term we’ll see a bundle of competing designs shot the field that operate well but with human pilots for now.”

Uber is serious about developing the tech, and will look to handle all matter of those interested in the field. It will help coordinate mutual efforts to get practical VTOL transit sometime early this year.


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