U.S company Verizon Acquired Yahoo Core Internet Business at $250 to $350 Millions.


A few days ago, we heard about the world’s most recognise internet company ‘Yahoo‘ is going to acquired by U.S Company Verizon. After a long time, Yahoo finally found a buyer. Verizon will take place soon. Both the companies are agreed, the deal finalises at $250 million to $350 millions.

source: The Drum

Verizon has convinced Yahoo company and they also modified the terms of the agreement. The deal will be finalised soon and both companies will share accountability. According to the Bloomberg, they said that the deal will most probably around $250 million. Verizon does not share any details about the deal. Verizon trying to combine yahoo’s search, email, and other tools.

source: NBC Montana

After the deal, they will rename its company ‘Altaba Inc‘. In December, Yahoo also under surveillance by federal investigators. The US Exchange commission also investigation about the data breach.

source: Yahoo

They are also warned to every users who have been accessed by intruders in 2015 to 2016. All the issued about breach revealed in December and that is a part of data security. The notification to users, users aware of the situation. People want to hear about the deal and hope we get the final reports about the deal soon.

Last year in February 2016, Yahoo officially announced about the company exploring offers. Verizon is trying to combine with yahoo searches, and with other applications with its AOL unit. Verizon also looking for the new source of revenue from mobile videos and advertising.

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