As it turns out humans are not the only ones who can show love. Wild animals from the animal kingdom also show love to each other in their own ways. If you don’t believe it, scroll down to check for yourself!

Recently, Daily Mail Animals shared a video of two adorable seals sharing the heartwarming embrace. The video quickly went viral and warmed everyone’s heart. It was initially shared on Twitter by Ben Burville, and then it took the internet by storm.

The underwater footage showed the pair of seals gently cuddling each other before sharing a sweet kiss. They were just enjoying the moment, in their own little world. The love shown was so sweet! It was lovely to watch!

The beautiful video was captured off the Northumberland coast in the UK by Ben. He is a medic and a wildlife enthusiast in England. He loves watching and documenting the marine life off the coast of Northumberland, where he lives.
Love happens under water so sweet! Those seals just warmed our hearts. We are sure that their video will make your day.

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