Twitter Is Trying To Eliminate Abusive Accounts


Twitter Inc.

Twitter Inc. is looking for come up with new procedures and ways to make abusive tweeters less effective: hiding their content and accounts making stop banned users from creating new accounts.

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The updates reports, detailed in a blog post, come after a years of condemnation that the company has not done enough to take action against abuse and harassment. It’s part of a new push step under Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey to wash out the social media services. On Twitter, where people don’t have to use their real accounts and names, the same environment that motivated open discussion also helps internet trolls thrive.


How to Implement

The changes will make it tougher harder for abusers account to be heard as they will be hidden and can’t show in search results and replies, possibly decrease their motivation. Twitter will not immediately delete their tweets that’s seems harmful, just require more clicks to find it. By implementing permanently blocked accounts from appears under a different name, Twitter may decrease the amount of users who create abusive environment and create multiple log-ins just to attack others and mostly do unethical activities.

Several People Banned on Twitter

Twitter failure to limit abusive and harassment part of twitter was the main complaint on users part. Last time Twitter appointed new Chief Executive Officer, Jack Dorsey in 2015. His basic focus was to safeguard the safety of user then decided to work upon it.

Twitter banned many prominent abusive and controversial  personalities. Milo Yiannopoulos, a British writer form website Breitbart News is eliminated from twitter. He was harassing attack on a ghost busters actress Leslie Jones.

In current situation of world Twitter is the most  and specially famous social platform for politics. Now it is trying to make its product more better to make at a maturity level. Lets hope that now we will be able to face less abusive tweets on Twitter.

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