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Twitter is now availing the new step to crack down all the abusive account use for politics and other activities. The latest attempt by the social network to curb online harassment.

This effort comes from twitter and other social media struggling to keep up restrict the online abusive accounts and they are also trying to identify those people to make them unable to join the twitter from different accounts.

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Twitter trying to use tool to stop bullying

This tool will only focus on those who are particularly using the twitter account specially for abusive and bullying the legs of other and those activities by which they can make people fight with each other or cross the limits of legal activities.

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Twitter CEO

Twitter CEO apologise for the Allow those distractive adds and then he stopped all these adds and because all that situation had hurt the twitter badly and their main focus is to keep it save place to talk out things and communicate.

Image source: CEO Dick Costolo

some people stands for the freedom and that abusive accounts probably make them quite and back them off to talk about their rites and legal responsibilities and according to twitter CEO this is the people rite to shuffle their rites and shared it with the people according to social media.

Main Effort

Other and main effort is that twitter block and remove those links and tweets that proved it self dangerous for the social media and give people a “safe search”.

Twitter ingenieurs are identify those abusive and low-quality replies and make them disappear from the twitter for the safety of their loyal and legal customers.

But still those people can see the tweets who want to see it and are trying to add some new things to remove that posts forever.

And make them stop doing it is difficult job to do because people make different accounts with a single email address which is fake most of the times





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