Twitter is losing to their competition in Facebook with only 30 Million new users compared to 500 Million


According to the statistics app, Statistia Messenger and WhataApp has gotten the biggest amount of active users during the period of the last 2 years (15-16) whereas Twitter is slowly losing to its competitors.

Statistia is an app/firm which provides statistics on the internet, recently they published the amount of users on numerous social media platforms e.g

  • Whatsapp
  • Messenger
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter

Most of the above platforms are owned by the legendary Facebook. In reference to the Statistics, WhatsApp and Messenger has been leading in the stats with 500 Million+ active users during the past 2 years.



Whatsapp Messenger allows you to send messages, pictures, calls, video calls, Gifs, videos and much much more.

Facebook Messenger allows you to send messages using add-ons e.g stickers, Filters and make video and Audio calls.

Facebook went to be on the Third spot with around 500 Million users, the app is constantly adding updates for its users for e.g:

  • weather section
  • searching photos by contents
  • updated Trending section
  • instant articles
  • live streaming
  • Live 360
  • Live Audio

Instagram went on to be in the fourth spot coming up with almost 300 Million users. most of them are active because of their latest feature of Stories

Snapchat comes in the fifth place and saw an increase of around 90 Million active users.

but Twitter is where things get disappointing where it should get a really big spike in active users but Twitter only experienced 30 Million active users and will have to work really hard.

“Over the past two years, Twitter gained just 31 million active users, which is disappointing for a company trying to become a global platform for the exchange of ideas and information. It is even more disappointing though when considering how quickly competing platforms have grown in the same period of time.”


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Sufyan Khan


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