Twitter has increased their security against fake news and people promoting them


Twitter has just stated that their users will no longer get disturbed by notifications that have been started by people you have blocked or you have muted.

The decision was made by the company after they got feedback from their Safety Community.

Blocking allows users to restrict specific accounts from contacting them, seeing their Tweets, and following them. Muting means you can remove someone’s tweets from your timeline without blocking them. They won’t know that you have muted them. The support page states,

Blocking technically means that users restrict specific accounts from contacting them in any form, having a look at their tweets, following them while blocking allows you to remove a specific person’s tweet from your own timeline without blocking them without them knowing that they have been blocked. The Twitter Support page states that:

In the recent times, Twitter has been struggling quite hard with fake news as the Presidential elections and Trump becoming the President came and went in the United States. Twitter is gradually decreasing its worth because it is not fast enough to tackle all their problems in Time like other Social Media Platforms but is now taking steps to stop them by banning abusive accounts and bringing in a few new updates, Recently the Vice President Engineering Tweeted that,


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Sufyan Khan


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