Turkish Police Detain 400 Islamic States Suspects Raids Nationwide



Turkish police missed the 400 Islamic states suspects raids as a nationwide and including  foreigners, some of those were planed to attack.

Operation in Islamic State turkey detained 31

Operations tells new updates that around the countries 150 suspects were detained in the southeast 60 in capital ankara and most of it was from Bursa west in the Bingol in the east.

Police detained 18 suspects in Kocaeli and Istanbul, in Gaziantep 47 was there and 46 more in Bursa province.

The development came just after a month after an attack on an Istanbul nightclub done by the jihadists.

Image Source: Turkey Operations

Children were even arrested as suspect

Anadolu said at least some of the suspects had been charged with being members of an armed terrorist organisation shown in an earlier report that 10 “children” were among those who were taken into custody. The news agency later implemented its information to say “minors” instead of “children.” There was no detail shown on the actual age of those who were arrested.

Turkey’s ‘war attack on terror’

In the July 15 coup attempt in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party have embarked on a multi-pronged clampdown on groups as well as violent insurgents. Turkey claimed the US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen of being the mastermind behind the failed putsch; the Anadolu Agency said some of those arrested during the overnight raids might have links to the terrors.

Image source: Turkish Police

In August 2016, the Turkish army many times want to start collaps with ISI  in neighboring Syria as part of what the military wants to as “Operation Euphrates Shield.”

As a member of NATO, Turkey’s military involvement in Syria is recognised to be part of the US-led coalition effort against IS in the north of Syria.



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