Trump Immigration Order effect The Tech Companies


A Group of Tech Companies are planned to meet on Tuesday to discuss breifing in support of lawsuit challenging U.S President Donald Tump order ristrict 7 big major muslim countries.

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The meeting is called by the Github which make software for development of tools.Amicus is filled with information from the parties to discuss the case with the court.

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Representtive of Google and Netflix were not reached immediately for the comment on it. And on the other side Airbnb spokesman ignored to comment on it.

Main Problem

The main problem arises from the order of Donald Trump is that all these Tech Companies want talent from all around the world so the companies can best allocate and master their resources. Also the main focus is distracting from its mission and vision is that banking sector maintains their banking from transaction all around the world so that way will create a very bad down fall in Banking and Technology sector.

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The trump administration said that immegration restriction will increase the national safety and increase the power.

Specially Google, Apple and other Tech gaints company are against the Trump restriction on 7 Muslim Countries because many Tech companies including these tech gaints resource allocation are done in all around the world and that help company a lot similarly most important thing is that labor cost is the big expense for a company and other countries employees cost less then local employees so tech companies have many benefits from other countries.

finally the discussion of the tech companies comes at and Expedia full fill the decleration in court n Monday.Amazon and Expedia said Trumps decision will indirectly effect their business.

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A different lawsuit challenge Trump’s order as against the Law was full filled on Monday by the Council on American-Islamic Relationship. If the technology  companies finaly decide to file an amicus briefing as a group, it is not clear which case they would consider in on.





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