Truly Bezelless Lenovo smartphone Z5 Officially arriving on June 5

A couple of days ago, Lenovo prodded a “really bezel-less” cell phone that guaranteed a screen-to-body proportion of over 95%. In this way, another official outline showed up on the web that built up the group, Lenovo is set to dispatch another cell phone which will wear right around zero bezel estimate without an iPhone X-style score.

The phone is coming on June 5, as confirmed by Chang Cheng, Lenovo VP and former ZUK CEO. The event will take place in the Chinese capital Beijing at 2 PM.

The phone is also expected to have anoverall memory offering of 4Tb, which is still a lot more than what most flagships offer right now. Lenovo has also shared some sketches of the phone which reveal the bezel-less front. However, unlike many new Android smartphones, the Z5 will not have a notch and will resemble the vivo Apex’

As of now, there are just two pictures that give us a hint at the design language of the phone. The images reveal the left profile of the phone’s display. From what the images reveal, it’s likely that the phone will have an almost bezel-less display without a notch. So we might witness something that follows the Mi Mix’s design language.

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