This is our way of Appreciation Presenting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Truck Art


From wall paintings to history art and world pioneers, all through history have been deified in an assortment of various works of art. Nevertheless, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can now gloat a fairly chic respect given to him in Pakistan.

‘Truck artistry culture’ is an enormously famous fine art in Pakistan specifically. It originates from a period when neighborhood artists would luxuriously embellish their vehicles of representatives and privileged people throughout British government.

Business visionaries all through Pakistan received the style for their own organizations to pull in more clients through decorated exhibitions on their business carriages, thus a pleased and long-standing custom was conceived.



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A Truck Art Tea Set


#chai anyone? #tea #teaset #truckart #truckartpakistan

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Truck stylistic expertise : Canada PM Trudeau gets Flashy Respect in Pakistan. This is our way of saying we love you 

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A truct Art Beetle


Subtle and understated South Asian truck art at Pakistan ?? trade fair in Sri Lanka ??

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Princes Diana Painted by Truck Artist Haider Ali


Princes Diana Painted by Truck Artist Haider Ali #truckart #truckartpakistan #art #painting #pakistan #princesdiana

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Pakistani truck driver designed COAS




Of course Justin Trudeau can do Bhangra. He is the prime minister of western Punjab!


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