Total War: ARENA, enjoy multiplayer actions for free with the beginning of the free gaming week


Excitement builds up for the gamers as Total War: ARENA announced an open week where gamers will have full access to all the epic-scale 10-vs-10 multiplayer action. The week started on November 24 12:00 UTC and will end on December 4, 09.00 UTC. To register yourself for the free gaming week, just sign up and you’ll enter into the world of Romans, Barbarians or Greeks where you can battle with others and enjoy the game.

CMRwiLMkpNWXOdQ8 Total War: ARENA Free gaming week lets you go through the multiplayer action till December 4

The Surprise Part

Not only you can enjoy the game but if you become a part of this free week, you’ll be able to access the closed beta to continue the fight. Moreover, all these players will receive three special Premium units as a gift. Here’s what you can get:

  • Tier 4 Auxiliary Cavalry
  • A Roman spear cavalry unit
  • Tier 4 Bloodsworn
  • A Barbarian sword unit
  • Tier 4 Telesillas Argives, a Greek spear unit

The Improvements

Total War: ARENA has improved and is still improving and the fine-tune in-game mechanics is what we are looking forward to. If you don’t know much about the game, it basically has 11 commanders with unique playstyles ready to fight tooth and nail for glory across 9 historical maps.

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Zill-e- Huma


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