Top Three Games that made PC Gamers Whine


Why PC Gammer is Spending Hate Towards console games?

I have been on many sites not only for gaming TV show forums and collage discussion sites throughout the last few weeks and yet in all sites argument will always break out started by a PC Gamer towards Console Gamer. This PC fanboy spending more than a year uploading hate videos towards XBOX Gamers. Some of the console games which is very famous and top in ranking make PC users feel curious about gaming. When there is a hope of upcoming game which only Console Gamer can access so that make them sad and curse their hope about the gaming life. PC Gamer can use PSP, Wii, PS2 etc. But PS4 and XBOX are the Console Games still out of reach from PC users. So they have no other choice but to but that games.

Now let me list three top console games

  1. The last of us
  2. Uncharted
  3. Red Dead Redemption


Image source:The last of us

It is Console Game made by naughty dog and published by sony computer entertainment. This game is begin in 2009 and converted in play station in June 2013. This is a online multi player gaming type and the task in it is basically a smuggler kidnap a teenage girl and take that girl along with him across the post- apocalyptic united states caring some firearms to used it for a mission.


Image source: Uncharted

It is action adventure and a third person shooter game. designed by naughty dog and published by sony interactive entertainments. And also recommended for those who is up 16+. This game is basically Console Game and the task is that treasure hunter who actually travel around the world to explore and uncover different historical mysteries.


Image Source: Red Dead Redemption

This game is published by Rock star games in may 2010. Basically an action adventure and developed by Rock San Diegu and only available on XBOX.This game is basically a task which include a farmer who’s wife and son are taken as a hostage in pay off of his services as a hired gun by the government and he has no choice he goes to get them along with his two or three farmers gang for the justice.

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