Here are the top fitness applications for iPhone and Android users 2017.


Here are the top applications for who looking for fitness. People simply download these applications and get the amazing tips.

Nike+ Training Club

This application guides properly, and also has the 30 minutes to 40 minutes workout. The applications explains how to execute each exercise. Even you can also find the videos in this applications and learn easily.


The Carrot application teaches about the hovers, inspires, mocks and bribes. The application guides you properly in this app. You can learn a lot with Carrot app. Now you can download in your smartphone.


Argue is one of the best app for fitness lovers because this application can monitor properly. Moreover, the app offer challenges and build your workout plans. People can also know about their food calories.

Lose it

Now people can download this application in their smartphones. Most the people having problem with their wrights, sge, height, now you can lose your weight with this app. This application can teach you how to consume the calories and how you should lose your weight.

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