Top 5 Viruses Of 2017


As the World of technology is increasing so is the vulnerability to online threats such as viruses and trojans, because mobiles and computers have become a part of our personal life which means we also store our valuable credentials as well as other important stuff in them making bad people such as Black Hat Hackers want to get the info out of those devices.

We have also come up with a solution to that, which is using antiviruses even though it causes your device to slow down but is totally worth it when it comes to keeping your valuable info safe so which is why we have come up with

the top Antiviruses of 2017

 Even though there are many antiviruses already in the market but not all of them provide the level of security we require, here are the top antiviruses tested to perfection!

Panda Antivirus Pro 2017

Even though it is quite new to the market but the reviews wont let it go down!


  • It always runs in the background always keeping you safe from any threats.
  • It has a BI-DIRECTIONAL firewall which protects you from any malicious wireless network.
  • It disables pop-ups.
  • Passwords and other credentials are automatically encrypted.

Avira Antivirus Professional 2017

Avira is the most known antivirus in the community


  • It is known to detect already known viruses as well as any other malware, viruses or any other security breaching softwares.
  • This is the latest version updated to keep up with the viruses of 2017
  • This antivirus uses its “Avira Phantom VPN ” to hide your IP so no one can know  where you are operating from.
  • It automatically downloads its updates from Avira to be updated.

Trend Micro Internet Security

This service claims to give you 100% security from any type of web threats.


  • It has the latest Anti-ransomeware Technology which helps protect your data.
  • It automatically blocks all malicious softwares.
  • It protects you from Viruses after getting to know them.
  • It has parental Controls.

Eset Antivirus 9

This service is known for its userfriendlyness and people like it dat way.


  • It has a Gamer Mode feature which does not allow any virus to enter through gaming.
  • Its helps you by keeping you safe from any viruses which try to enter from social media sites and Emails.
  • It can create a bootable Cd

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