Here is the top 5 Refrigerator 2017 in Pakistan.


Here is the list of top 5 refrigerator in Pakistan 2017.


Orient is the largest electronic company, the company improved their electronic items. They also upgraded their items with the passage of time. They launch with amazing design refrigerator in Pakistan in 2017. The company introduced mid-range refrigerator with elegant design, and colours. They also improved the technology including inverter technology.


Hair is one of the largest and popular electronic company in Pakistan. Hair company introduced mid-range to luxury rates refrigerators. They improved their technology with the passage of time. Now they introduced the refrigerator with Android screen feature in their refrigerators. The refrigerator comes with amazing design and many colours.


DAwlance is the popular multinational company in Pakistan. Dawlance launch mid-range refrigerator with best performance refrigerators in Pakistan in 2017. The refrigerator has the best space. Moreover, some of the refrigerators installed the inverter technology in their refrigerators.


Samsung is one of the largest multinational company. If people want some stylish, Samsung now introduced the stylish refrigerator with a new technology, now people can installed the mobile app on their smartphones and connect with the refrigerator with your smartphone. The refrigerator also has a plating shelving in it. The price of Samsung refrigerators is high as compared to the other companies refrigerators.


LG refrigerators come with elegant designs and various colours. LG refrigerators more stylish as compared to the other companies. The LG refrigerators also have anti-spill plating shelving feature in it. LG almost has all the features in their refrigerators.

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